We have been trying to figure out why, at this time, there are 250,000 Magento websites, and only 11,000 are upgraded or built with Magento 2.  Plenty of notice was given, and the deadline was June 30, 2020!  We think the cost is one reason, but we also believe that if business owners really understood all the great advantages there are in Magento 2, they would be standing in line (6 feet apart) to get it done!

Volcanic Star Internet is a Las Vegas-based E-commerce development company.  They have recently published their formula for not only keeping conversion costs low, but how they have added value to their conversion process at no extra cost. They also support the Magento 1 site while doing the conversion, so should anything break during that time, they will fix it at no cost.  

This is their list of 9 major advantages of Magento 2:

  1. A streamlined cart and checkout process that will insure less user frustration.  Did you realize that when asked to register upfront in the checkout process, 30% of customers abandon their cart?  The checkout process HAS to be as simple as possible for users.
  2. Better mobile rendering — because the average online retailer gets 34.5% of their sales from mobile traffic.  By 2021 it is expected to be 54% of e-commerce sales!
  3. Support of more payment methods – like Apple Pay and Android Pay for less friction.  Also new is Instant Pay, where payment is made from a product page.   This means easier checkout, so more sales!
  4. Better administration
  5. A back-end system which is much easier to use in terms of adding and updating products, categories and other content.
  6. Bulk updates are built in, so if you need to add 2% to the cost of a whole category of products, it takes literally 2 seconds.
  7. Marketing and SEO functionality is far more complete in Magento 2
  8. Speed – virtually everything is faster, especially mobile performance.
  9. Security – the base product is much more secure, but also security patches that are released regularly will be easily installed.

All these improvements in the Magento 2 platform add up to more sales and more profit.  Anything that makes the checkout process easier is always an advantage, and things that improve the functionality of your website make the user experience a more positive one.

Are you excited now?  Can’t wait to upgrade?  Visit and use the pricing tool on the homepage!  See how reasonable an upgrade for your e-commerce site can be!  Get started on your road to even better ROI from your E-commerce website.


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