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Magento Conversion Rate Optimization

For our hosting and support customers, Magento Conversion Rate Optimization is all included as part of the service. We also can provide it as a standalone monthly or onetime service as well. Either way - our process is comprehensive:

  • We do a complete analysis of your site to see where the holes are.  Why are people leaving the site? At what point in the cart/checkout process are they abandoning their purchase?
  • We then do a full technical analysis of the site.  How is the site speed overall? Are there broken links? Are people rage clicking often? This is the absolute definition of magento conversion rate optimization.
  • Next, we use some tools to look more deeply at what people are actually seeing when they are getting frustrated and bailing out. Recorded sessions and phone call tracking/recording are crucial here.
  • We create a comprehensive plan to fix these issues across the board, execute on them, test them fully, and then deploy them to your production server.  We monitor constantly for the next 24-48 hours to make sure all is working well, and report on the results.
  • We also do extensive A/B testing for changes that we think may work multiple ways.  This is a practice where we have two different versions of a page, or a product listing, or a category layout - and we want to see which is better.  We should option A to half the visitors, and option B to the other half.  Once we have enough data, we see which works better, and that’s the winner.
  • Once the problems are fixed, we move on to the proactive part of the process.  We find those “low hanging fruit” opportunities - the ones that will yield the biggest returns, the most quickly.  Maybe it’s changes to the checkout process to make life easier for your customers.  Maybe it’s adding an address validator, so customers don’t get frustrated at checkout.  Or maybe it’s adding a “people who purchased this, also liked these other things” section to the cart.  If there’s an opportunity to increase sales, we’ll find it.
  • Another round of development, testing, deployment, and monitoring.
  • Next we might find some changes that help us increase the Long Term Value of your customers.  If you sell something people should be buying every 30, 60 or 90 days - we can implement a subscription or “auto ship” system.  Or maybe it’s live chat on the site to answer questions. Another round of implementation, and away we go.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.  That's how we do magento e-commerce conversion rate optimization. We keep squeezing the site for every sale, every dollar, every long-term customer we can get.

Having a site running well today doesn’t mean it will still do well against your competitors tomorrow. You could be leapfrogged anytime. Not going to happen. Not on our watch.


Marketing products on an E-commerce site isn’t the same for everyone. Marketing vitamins is very different from marketing apparel – in almost every way. Our team of dedicated experts on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and even Amazon analyze your product for placement, and make recommendations for a strategy. Then we take a fairly unique approach to paid advertising – but it’s not magic. It’s just experience and a smart process:

  • We start out by looking at your focus products.  Maybe it’s getting more sales for your best sellers.  Maybe it’s getting the word out about a new product.  Maybe it’s both, or something in-between.  But let’s make sure we’re hitting the right targets before we start shooting.
  • We create low cost, optimized campaigns around the target products, and with a wide array of search terms and audiences.  It’s called an exploratory campaign.  We run it for 4-6 weeks, and we tune it daily. We tune the campaigns to deliver the most qualified visitors to the site – the ones that have the highest likelihood to convert.  We do this using advanced tools to track things like visitor page flow, cart abandonment, phone calls from ads, and even session recording software so we can watch what a visitor does on the site before they purchase or leave.
  • Once the exploratory campaign is complete, we will have a list of winning keywords, and thematically grouped ad creatives and text. When we say “winning” here, we mean we have campaigns that are making more than the ad spend – in multiples. We target 2:1 return for the end of this phase but frequently come in higher.
  • Now we step on the gas – within your budget of course – to start driving more traffic that converts to sales.  We continually tune from there to push your return on spend up, keep ad copy and creatives fresh, find new opportunities, and promote new products.
  • These campaigns also very directly inform our Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization plans – so they hit the ground running.

We’ve been doing this for a long time – specifically for E-commerce sites. We don’t make you sign long term contracts – ever. It’s our job to prove our value every month. The numbers should be good enough that you are more than happy to keep letting us handle it.


Oh – this is the best question. You didn’t think going to a whole new version of the GOLD STANDARD of e-commerce systems was going to be just like the old system, right? Virtually every part of the system has been improved: Admin Panel – Much easier to add/edit products and categories, bulk editing of prices and other product data, and user management is greatly improved. Performance – A new database designed to keep performance and queries humming even with 100,000 products or more We know – we’ve done lots of conversions with huge catalogs. Security – Beefed up to keep the biggest threats out – and easily respond to new ones. This is arguably the biggest reason to move to Magento 2, especially when Magento 1 starts seeing more vulnerabilities. User features – Built in functionality like Wishlists, address storage, and programmable preferences make the user experience an elevated buying experience. Mobile functionality – Responsive measure built right in to Magento 2 make building and maintaining mobile-first websites much more economical. Improved checkout – Designed from the bottom up, the checkout process flows better, responds faster, and converts more shoppers to buyers. Subscribe and save and other functions are now much easier to manage.




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