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Marketing products on an E-commerce site isn’t the same for everyone. Marketing vitamins is very different from marketing apparel – in almost every way. Our team of dedicated experts on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and even Amazon analyze your product for placement, and make recommendations for a strategy. Then we take a fairly unique approach to paid advertising – but it’s not magic. It’s just experience and a smart process:

  • We start out by looking at your focus products.  Maybe it’s getting more sales for your best sellers.  Maybe it’s getting the word out about a new product.  Maybe it’s both, or something in-between.  But let’s make sure we’re hitting the right targets before we start shooting.
  • We create low cost, optimized campaigns around the target products, and with a wide array of search terms and audiences.  It’s called an exploratory campaign.  We run it for 4-6 weeks, and we tune it daily. We tune the campaigns to deliver the most qualified visitors to the site – the ones that have the highest likelihood to convert.  We do this using advanced tools to track things like visitor page flow, cart abandonment, phone calls from ads, and even session recording software so we can watch what a visitor does on the site before they purchase or leave.
  • Once the exploratory campaign is complete, we will have a list of winning keywords, and thematically grouped ad creatives and text. When we say “winning” here, we mean we have campaigns that are making more than the ad spend – in multiples. We target 2:1 return for the end of this phase but frequently come in higher.
  • Now we step on the gas – within your budget of course – to start driving more traffic that converts to sales.  We continually tune from there to push your return on spend up, keep ad copy and creatives fresh, find new opportunities, and promote new products.
  • These campaigns also very directly inform our Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization plans – so they hit the ground running.

We’ve been doing this for a long time – specifically for E-commerce sites. We don’t make you sign long term contracts – ever. It’s our job to prove our value every month. The numbers should be good enough that you are more than happy to keep letting us handle it.


Oh – this is the best question. You didn’t think going to a whole new version of the GOLD STANDARD of e-commerce systems was going to be just like the old system, right? Virtually every part of the system has been improved: Admin Panel – Much easier to add/edit products and categories, bulk editing of prices and other product data, and user management is greatly improved. Performance – A new database designed to keep performance and queries humming even with 100,000 products or more We know – we’ve done lots of conversions with huge catalogs. Security – Beefed up to keep the biggest threats out – and easily respond to new ones. This is arguably the biggest reason to move to Magento 2, especially when Magento 1 starts seeing more vulnerabilities. User features – Built in functionality like Wishlists, address storage, and programmable preferences make the user experience an elevated buying experience. Mobile functionality – Responsive measure built right in to Magento 2 make building and maintaining mobile-first websites much more economical. Improved checkout – Designed from the bottom up, the checkout process flows better, responds faster, and converts more shoppers to buyers. Subscribe and save and other functions are now much easier to manage.

Magento Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is when you get your website to show up high in search results – without paying for it.  So when someone goes into Google and types in “gourmet teriyaki beef jerky” or “discount dress shoes” – you want to show up as high as possible in the results. Ideally, #1.


The problem with the way most Magento Search Engine Optimization companies approach getting you ranked is that it goes something like this:

  • They ask you what key phrases you want to rank for.  You give them a list.
  • They suggest a bunch of changes to the website – mostly around content in a few places, and metatags (code within the pages of your website visible to search engines, but not to users) that will help rankings.
  • They submit you to sites to get you backlinks (links from other sites into your site) – like directories, discussion boards, and smaller industry-focused search engines.
  • You wait.  Typically several months – which is why they have you sign a long-term contract.
  • They give you some reports – ones that show you moving from, say, 50th position for a keyphrase to 39th position for a keyphrase.
  • They keep doing this until you get stalled out around 17th position, you get frustrated and cancel your contract (if you can), and then start believing that SEO just doesn’t work.

We get it.  We’ve seen it. A lot.  And we hate it.  Good news is that we don’t do it that way.  At all. We’ve been doing Magento Search Engine Optimization since BEFORE Google was making money, so we have a much better process:

  • We run an exploratory campaign using pay per click.  It’s low cost, and although it’s not designed to make you a strong return on your investment, it usually does.
  • We use the intelligence from the campaign to TELL YOU what key phrases you want to rank for.  What that means is that even though you may think you want to rank for “teriyaki beef jerky”, it may be cheaper, faster, and more profitable to rank for a phrase like “gourmet spicy teriyaki beef jerky”, because even though there is less traffic for that keyphrase, it will convert better (people finding exactly what they are looking for), it will be faster and cheaper to rank for (because fewer people are trying to rank for it) and we’ve already proven with the exploratory campaign that it will make us money.
  • We then start creating dedicated landing pages for these keyphrases.  Not just a bunch of repetitive text that you think Google will like.  Google likes GOOD content.  It likes good content because that’s what users like.  We’re going to write content that informs the user, build trust, and does it in a way that screams professionalism.
  • We optimize the site itself so that search engines can find the content easily, that internal linking is correct, and yes – we’ll even fix title tags, meta keyword tags, H1 tags, and a bunch of other stuff that contributes to ranking, but is far from the only thing we need to do.
  • We then start cultivating inbound links from places that MATTER.  Blogs and influencers that are relevant. Magazines and other publications that your target users are reading.  As many as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • We set up rank tracking on every keyphrase we are working on, so we can see changes on a nearly daily basis.  This allows us to see which content is working, which links are working, which mentions are working, and which social media signals are working.
  • We revise constantly, to keep the rankings moving up.
  • We report weekly.
  • When we hit the top 5, we start picking new keyphrases to attack, and we start again.
  • We then get reports of how traffic from those SEO efforts is impacting sales – allowing you to see the value we bring.

It’s not rocket science.  We just know how to do it well.  We do a LOT of other stuff around Magento Search Engine Optimization as well.  Ever heard of something called negative SEO?  Well, it’s a thing – and we don’t want to give anyone ideas about how to do it by putting it here.  Call us, and we’ll tell you all about it.




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